i need to rant about my fathers side of the family

Alright, now, I want to delete all of my dads side of the family off of my facebook. Not only do I not really have a relationship with them but they drive me nuts. When ever we do talk it’s always about my father. They will go on and on about how I need to have a relationship with him and hes all depressed and stuff. I called him on fathers day the first time in god knows when and he still hasn’t called me back. Which I’m honestly not surprised cuz he has never called me and has made it very clear to me that he does not want a relationship with me. He told me when I was 15 that maybe if I was a boy he would want something to do with me. I mean come on if that’s not putting it out there that he doesn’t want one then I don’t know what is. The reason why I don’t have a good relationship with them is cuz they make it my responsibility to have a relationship with him cuz I have to understand that he didn’t have a father. He doesn’t know how, they have been telling me this and trying to force a relationship with us since I was like 8.
I had come to the conclusion a few years back that it’s not my responsibility and since he grew up with no father then he knows exactly what its like to wonder whats so wrong with you? to look in the mirror as a teen and see all the things you got genetically from him. Which is easy for me, my mom and three younger sibs are all tall blonde and blue eyed. my 11 year old sister and I wear the same shoe size and shes almost as tall as me. I’m 23… I’m short dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin. I truly am the back sheep in my family lol! Anyways it makes you hate the way you look cuz of that. To make my story even worse? He has lived 5 minutes from me my entire life. We use the same store to get all of our needs and we use the same post office which is literally 3 houses down from where I have lived my whole life.
Now I have gotten over my father, I do not need him in my life to be happy. Not saying that I wont always have an empty spot in my life. I can think about it and it really doesn’t hurt. Now with his family they are trying to pull this crap again. All its doing is irritating me. Like can’t we please talk about something else? I would really like to have a relationship with you guys but it ain’t going to happen like this. Ya know? It’s really starting to annoy me. When I did call him, for the first time in years, just to get them off my back it did hurt a little that he didn’t call back. What can I do tho? Its been so long that we wouldn’t really be able to have a father daughter relationship. I would be more of a drinking buddy, which unlike my cool friends he would just encourage me to keep drinking and get plastered. I really don’t need that in my life. I have wonderful friends, a wonderful boyfriend who has two beautiful kids and I just don’t have time for it or even the energy. If they don’t stop, I’m honestly done with the whole lot of them and I won’t give a rats ass if they are all pissed.


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