Star-Crossed and The Tomorrow People season two’s CANCELLED?! Sign the petitions!

Alright, I LOVE these shows. I am not a huge movie watcher any more cuz most stuff just doesn’t catch my attention. If it does it’s always a show that gets cancelled or a movie every one didn’t like. I’m very upset with my curse and I have discovered a way I can help bring back my newer shows I like, petitions! Maybe I’m the last to know, but I’m super excited! Don’t let these shows not have a chance, both have great acting and amazing story lines. Especially The Tomorrow People, I find it to be very close to how people would actually react with the personalities they have. I hate shows where the people don’t act how they would actually act realistically. Anyways, thank you for reading this and I hope this gets out and people will sign these! I Linked the petitions, thank you again! 

The Tomorrow People




So today I finally went to get my head aches checked out…

Alright, I had talked about them In an earlier blog, so now I’m going to tell you what I have found out. First for those just hearing about this I will reexplain what is going on. I have been having them for about a year, but they only happened maybe twice a month. First, my wrists will lose their grip and get a weird numbing sensation that will go away after 10 minutes or so. Then I will get the worst cramping in one side of my head, happens mostly on the left side, and only lasts five to 15 seconds. After that I will feel very to just a little nauseated. This month however in the beginning I had it happen four times in one day, then once to twice a week after that. 

So now I go to my family clinic, and they at that moment made me an appointment at the neurological center. She asked me about my insurance and every thing. Which kinda hurt cuz I have been going there since I was like five, my doctor should know. Shes not sure what it is but she says it sounds like mini seizures or something of that nature to her. Going to get MRI’s done and a few other things done next week.

I’m so upset, I don’t need any more of this kind of stuff. I’m already a narcoleptic, bi-polar who recently got diagnosed with PTSD because I was dumb enough to stay with this abusive asshole for four fucking years. I have also been diagnosed with OCD and ADD and god knows what else. I can’t take meds, any meds for bi-polar literally try to kill me, I’m one of the lucky ones that get all of the fatal side effects of any medication, I can’t take anything for my narcolepsy because stimulants make me aggressive. It was a almost three years of hell till the doctors and quite frankly myself gave up. I’m so sensitive to anything mind altering. I have two twisted teas and I’m drunk. I have one small hit of mary jane and I’m stoned to the point I can’t walk. I have been smoking for seven years and I still get cigarette highs. Now I might have something else starting to come into play. It has taken me years to be able to control and live with my issues with out medications, and I still have to work on it. You know how much will power that is? It’s hard as hell, it’s a daily battle. It’s not fair and I am so sick and tired of this. I have so many things going right for me now. An amazing boyfriend, his two beautiful kids, awesome friends, and just life in general. It’s just not fair and I honestly don’t know what I have done to have deserved this. 

Cats have real personalities

Alright every body knows how cats are right? Basically they do what ever they want when they want? Dogs, will listen to your every command. My boyfriend and I had this discussion, which has more personality? He was totally right! Dogs each have a personality of their own, but we can mold them into what we want. Cats not so much, they do what they feel like doing when they feel like doing it. Yes, you can train a cat, mine are leash, car, know sit, stay and most of the time will come when I call them. Rin, my black cat, is very good with sit stay and come. While she isn’t very good with on a leash or riding in cars. she will be calm, but she will talk the entire time. She has Siamese in her, so those of you who know how Siamese talking is you know what I’m talking about. Echo is more leash and car, he loves car rides at least use to when I took him every where with me. I use to get the weirdest looks when I would walk him around town on a least with my Boston terrier. Also when he would be hanging in the car when we went to the store. Anyways, I guess my point is, cats have more personality and are more human like then dogs are, cats just aren’t as loyal. Unless you have my Echo boy, he has chased down a young buck for me. You know, I think I should write a post for every crazy pet i have ever owned. I always get the weird ones lol. 

I love my chickens!

You know I don’t take many selfies, and when I do I may get a couple likes and be lucky if I even get a comment. I posted a chicken selfie the other day, me with my two gimpy chickens or my childens, loca and big foot. You know what? I got more likes and more comments by people then I ever did on my regulars! You know what? That not only makes me feel good, maybe a little jealous, but proud. Proud that my two childens are cute enough to be popular. Lets face it, some peoples chilkens are just strange looking. LOL. Any who, to the point I was getting at, I have 14 all together, and they make me so happy! When I come home, and I free range them of course, the whole flock will run as fast as they can and do a jump and glide to get to me faster and they just a cluck cluck cluck all around my feet. I give them all pets and ruffle up their feathers and they will walk with me all the way to my house then, get distracted my a grass hopper and run on after it. Sometimes they will fallow me into the house, and I have to shoo them back out, I do however have that one naughty chilken like every one has that one naughtier child, Mr. Fluffles. Mr. Fluffles will keep coming into my house until I close my door or he gets bored. He is a sexlink, which makes me nervous, sexlinks tend to be more aggressive, he got mixed in with our buff orpington chicks, but he is also the friendliest out of the 12 that stay in the coop at night. He loves being held and loved, so I’m hoping that I don’t have anything to worry. He’s a good boy, a pain in the butt, but a good one. They make me smile, and make me happy.


I don’t know how I feel

About this whole ideal

About some one I love

That is in the great above


I will miss his smiles

And I will walk miles

Just to remember

That he was never a nonmember


He is one of the best

And he will be forever blessed

With all of his world

Always in our hearts never to be unfurl


I am comfortable with his death

Knowing that he took his last breath

Without struggle, fear or pain

While listening to the rain


He was always so adventurous

“You look absolutely fabulous!”

Is what he always said

And that will always stay in my head


I can move on with my life now

He has given me his endows

And I will never forget

And I will never regret

30 Day challenge, Things that make me scared

Wasps, wasps are evil creatures and the only thing they do for the world is piss every one off. Well, and they are good for helping clean up dead and rotten things, but we have tons of other nicer bugs for that. They don’t pollinate, they don’t make food they are just here to hate every one. They scare me, I hate those darn things.

Humans completely taking over and kill everything. My little town has been slowly growing over the years, I hate it. It makes me so sad when part of a forest gets chopped down and houses that all look alike pop up. When I see article after article of kill all the wolves and shit. I hate it and it scares me how far away we have grown from nature and the earth. The bees are dying; hibernating bats might be extinct by 2016, now the birds and it’s just too much. It needs to end, people need to start helping out the earth. We might be expanding our technology and knowledge but we are destroying everything for it. We are going to end up killing ourselves.

30 Day Challenge, Three things I am proud of about my personality

Number one, I’m honest. I have one of those blunt personalities where I ask people first if they really want my opinion cuz they will have it. If my friends have an issue and they want a real opinion they will come to me. I don’t know how many times people have thanked me for this. It makes me feel amazing. Good thing about it though, is I know when I need to keep my mouth shut, there is a time and a place for some things.

Number two, I am a true American with common sense. Now what do I mean about this? For starters I use to be 210 for many years, now I’m down to 130 something. Now when I was at my heaviest is when I first head of how ambrocombie (spelling?)and finch handle their clothes and their opinions. Basically at the end of the year they burn all of their extra clothes cuz they only want basically non poor people to wear them. They don’t want their clothes donated and they don’t want over weight people to wear them either. They want proper, well cared for and in shape young Americans to wear their clothes. Now at the weight I was at I believe that they have every right to do that and the people who said other wise and were bashing them and trying to get their business to change are stupid. We wanted freedom so we could do business they way we want to. We could have real freedom and be who we are and run things the way we wanted too. I do not agree with how they handle their business but you know what? I just won’t shop there and give them my business. I won’t promote them and I won’t help them out. I’m not going to freak and tell them how to run their business cuz that’s their business! Common sense and true American right there. Another example, I hate reality tv shows. I have never watched one and I never will. I think they make America look like a disgrace and I fully believe they have a huge impact on how people act. Ever notice how much more exaggerated everyone is? When it comes to drama and how we react to everything? As a child you learn from your parents, it imprints in how you are. When you watch stupid shit like that it imprints and that’s how you will react. I won’t be rioting though to get them off of the tv. I just won’t watch them, read about them, or allow any offspring of mine to watch them. Its America, you want to watch that show then watch it! If a director wants to create a reality tv show then he should! Why? Cuz its America where dreams are suppose to come true. I will not stand against any one whether I agree with them or not. I support every one and their rights. These stupid people who go and take rights away and try to change shit are stupid and only care about themselves. Now GMO labeling needs to happen, cuz it’s our right to, as the people, to choose whether or not we want to eat that shit.

Number three, I’m open minded. I love hearing other people’s opinions, especially if they differ from mine. To me that’s how we grow, my opinion and views may not change on something but now I have a different view on the subject itself and it helps me understand people better. I always get to know someone the best I can before I judge whether or not I want them in my life. I think that if more people started doing what they can to understand every one and where they came from and why they do it. To be open minded and understand that everyone has their own opinions and be truly ok with that things would be a lot better in the world.